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Porsche customers have high expectations of the brand for good reason. Known around the world for their luxury experience and cutting-edge tech, people have expected only the best from Porsche for decades.

Porsche's Challenge: EV Adoption

With the launch of their first electric model, the Porsche Taycan, Porsche needed to help its existing and prospective customers understand what to expect from an electric Porsche. Many haven’t owned or even driven an electric car before and in order to make the leap, they needed to understand what the electric experience would look like.

Using Chargetrip's EV routing software, Porsche made it clear what driving and charging a Taycan would be like.

The launch of the Porsche Taycan marked a whole new kind of endeavor and challenge for the company.

Range anxiety was a barrier to adoption of electric Porsche models. They knew they needed to help customers understand the experience for them to feel confident making purchase decisions. So, how do they give drivers confidence in the experience of an electric Porsche?

Solution: the Porsche Route Planner

Porsche used the Chargetrip white label to offer a route planner to its prospective customers as a pre-acquisition tool in the Taycan launch promotion. The route planner was implemented on the Porsche website and lets users plan a trip from one point to another and see where and for how long they will need to charge.

Simply showing where chargers are wasn’t enough to help drivers overcome their range anxiety. By using a route planner, drivers could test real scenarios.

Try the route planner on Porsche’s website.

The online route planner used for Taycan Promotion.


The charge map comes with customization for individual customers. Drivers can select their desired starting and ending state of charge depending on how much charge they expect to have and need at the other end of their journey.They can also see the route in either winter or summer conditions to understand the impacts of weather on their range. The Taycan configurations can even be compared to see how different models and battery options impact their trips.


Although Chargetrip’s vehicle database has 1000+ vehicle models, Porsche only needed their own models in the route planner. Porsche isolated only their models into the route planner through a custom vehicle database.

Porsche was able to also select their own brand colors and typography throughout the route planner so it seamlessly fit into the look and feel of their website.

The route planner is able to delight prospective customers with the short charge stops needed using a Taycan due to it having one of the fastest charge speeds in the industry.

The Partnership

Chargetrip and Porsche have been working together since 2020, initially connected through Plug and Play’s Startup Autobahn. Here’s what Porsche and Chargetrip have to say about the partnership.

Chargetrip is one of these rare startups you want to collaborate with: a very capable team that understands our people and technology - driven by an honest mission: to make the future electric.

Dr. Christian Knörle Strategy & Innovation at Porsche

Working with the team at Porsche has been a pleasure since the beginning, particularly the chance to work on the launch of a product as iconic as the Taycan. After seeing the team’s understanding of both customer experience and technology first hand, it’s clear why they have been so successful in electrification.

Gideon van Dijk Co-Founder & CEO at Chargetrip

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Chargetrip's EV Routing no-code solutions include a charge map, route planner, and the Range Spider, all powered by the Chargetrip API. These EV routing tools can be licensed for use on any website and customized for your brand and your business needs.

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