Revving up EV awareness & purchase intent

  • Location Germany

  • Industry Automotive

  • Product Web white label / API

Owning and operating an electric vehicle might not live up to the high expectations Porsche drivers have of the brand. Using Chargetrip's intelligent navigation software, Porsche is helping its prospective EV customers understand the full potential of electric driving.

Making EV adoption easy

Our goal to accelerate the adoption of Electric mobility is shared by Porsche, who is launching several EV models. To remove the barriers of range and charge anxiety, we worked with Porsche to build the Porsche Charge Map.

Chargetrip is one of these rare startups you want to collaborate with: a very capable team that understands our people and technology - driven by an honest mission: to make the future electric.

Dr. Christian Knörle Strategy & Innovation at Porsche

Discover the Porsche Charge Map

The Porsche Charge Map, powered by Chargetrip, provides an overview of a great number of charging stations with address, charging operator, charging effect, charging contacts, charging time and available amenities. Existing Porsche EV drivers, or those exploring the possibility of switching from a traditional combustion engine car, can see how easy it is to plan an itinerary via available charging stations with advice on charging time.

The online route planner used for Taycan Promotion.

Stay energized

Porsche aims to help drivers stay energized, wherever they may be; making the switch to Electric easy and convenient for all drivers. To this end, Discover includes available amenities at each charging station, allowing drivers to make the time spent charging more enjoyable and productive.

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