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No more Range Anxiety

We founded Chargetrip because driving Electric is great, but going beyond your range isn’t. When taking a longer EV journey a driver has two options; plan and calculate ahead or search and calculate last minute. Both methods cause symptoms that lead to Range Anxiety.


Distance of your journey, divided by the range of your EV, adjusting for current range, weather, passengers and traffic.

Multiple Apps

Plan a route, identify potential charge stations, transfer data to your EV and adjust along the way.


When unfamiliar with a route the fast chargers you’ll most likely encounter are along the highway or on an industrial estate.


The hassle of having to charge in the middle of a journey causes the majority of EV drivers to use their EV only for short drives.


Display an Alternate Lighter Menu on Responsive Devices with the same Markup Code as before. Awesomely Useful.

Busy Stations

Waiting for the last minute to charge leaves zero flexibility for alternatives when faced with busy stations.

Time waste

Randomly charging somewhere leaves little alternative but wait the charge out. Not ideal, especially with kids or a packed to-do list.

Crossing the Border

When traveling abroad the complexity of charging increases exponentially; finding, paying, charging, waiting.

Our Navigation API Overcomes these adoption barries

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NextGen Framework
UX Paradigms

Tools for EV Drivers

We build powerfull intuitive Applications for EV drivers including trip planning, station overviews, live navigation and integrations with payment providers.

Our commitment to continuous research and innovation makes Chargetrip the go-to platform for EV industry partners looking to offer their EV drivers the best EV driving experience.


EV Route Planning

A proprietary EV specific planning algorithm using revolutionary graph database technology. We use over 15 different EV-specific variables like the capacity of your EV, your range, current weather conditions and your personal station preference.

An average fast charge takes around 20 to 40 minutes, time ideally spend meaningful. So besides the fastest route, you can indicate your preferences and we will find alternative routes that best fit your needs. This way your charging time will become valuable time.

Stunning Graphics
Data Warehouse

EV Metrics

A secure EV data-warehouse including dynamic charging station data, POI data, user journey data and charge-station penetration data.

Aggregated user data and feedback allow us to constantly improve our algorithm and interaction paradigms.


Running on Chargetrip

Chargetrip is proud to announce its launching partnership with the Norwegian EV Association (Norsk Elbilforening), the world’s largest EV Association. Together we launched the world’s first dedicated EV route planning pilot powering 40.000 EV drivers. Elbilforeningen Medlem

Frequently Asked Questions

What variables do you take into account?

We calculate routes using over 15 dynamic variables. We are constantly optimising and researching impact variables.

How much does EV routing cost?

Our calculation and routing services are priced based on usage. For an estimate please contact us.

Where can I find documentation for the API?

Please contact us for access to our GraphQL API and documentation.

Are you active outside of Europe?

Yes, Chargetrip is based in Amsterdam but active around the world.

Do you have open job positions?

Always. Are you a mapping genius or an EV industry veteran? Contact us!

How do I provide feedback?

You can send us feedback through our partner apps or directely to

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