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Driving an electric car is awesome but should be anxiety-free. We give you the tools to make routing and charging effortless for your EV drivers and fleets.

EV Routing Eliminates Range Anxiety

Our routing engine uses over fifteen different variables to calculate the real-time range of any electric vehicle. We take into account the outside temperature, weather, charge speed, elevation, rolling resistance, real-time vehicle data, and congestion at charge stations. Our routing algorithms then calculate the best route to a user’s destination, with the optimal charge stations in between. Build-in predictive models optimize for total travel-time and travel-costs. This gives drivers the confidence to go Electric.

Start to build next-generation mobility experiences with our GraphQL API today.

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Powerful suite of tools

Rapidly build production-ready mobility applications with EV specific route planning at the core. Use our EV model Database, OCPI compliant station database and routing engine all from within an intuitive GraphQL interface. Tweak our routing algorithms to fully align with your business rules. Benefit from our ongoing R&D like our revolutionary tiling server.

Avoid customizing legacy telematics or researching energy consumption models. Chargetrip helps you unlock the true potential of Electric Mobility fleet owners and Electric Mobility Service Providers

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In 2019 drivers calculated 187.269 km of EV journeys translating to 140,27 tCO2e not emitted.

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