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Norway has been the cradle of electric mobility. They are still leading the charge with the world's largest EV ownership per capita. Together with the Norsk Elbilforening, we operate the world's first dedicated EV route planning app for more than 60,000 EV drivers across the Nordics.

Co-creating Elbil's trip planner

Driving long distances can make EV drivers anxious. The hassle of having to charge in the middle of a journey causes the majority of EV drivers to use their EV only for short trips. Waiting till the last minute to charge leaves zero flexibility for alternatives when faced with busy stations. Alternatively, randomly charging somewhere leaves little choice but to wait for the charge session to end. Not ideal, especially with kids or a packed to-do list.

The Norsk Elbilforeningen caught the shift in experience paradigms early on and asked Chargetrip to co-create a new EV driver solution that would successfully combat range and charge anxiety.

Chargetrip powers our membership app used and loved by over 50.000 paying EV owners across the Nordics. Our member input and real-life tests combined with Chargetrip's routing expertise makes for a powerful long-term partnership.

Petter Haugneland Assistant Secretary General at Norsk elbilforening

ElbilAppen & Ladekarte, the Elbil white label products.

The ElbilAppen

Based on the driving data and consumer insights of thousands of early EV adopters, Chargetrip built the first generation of its routing API and an associated mobile app called the ElbilAppen. The app uses Chargetrips market-leading routing technology to give EV drivers in Norway the convenience of planning long-distance itineraries, with suggestions for available charging stops and advised charging times along the way. Users can also see a charge-map of existing charging stations with address, charging operator, charging effect, charging contacts, charging time, and available amenities. Additonally, members can also review charging stations to help other EV drivers get the best experience.

Three years later, this app is still the most used route planning app across the Nordics. Offering intelligent route planning, including charge stops and station amenities, so drivers across the Nordics can drive longer routes with confidence.

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