EV Fleet Simulation

Design and optimize any electric fleet with Chargetrip’s EV Fleet Simulation. Your go-to tool for all electrification decisions.

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Accelerate electrification and continuously lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Save huge on vehicles and charge infrastructure with data-driven decisions.

Integrate the Chargetrip API with your software stack to enable EV fleet management.

Build any fleet’s electrification blueprint

Creating electrification strategies for fleets? Get all the data you need for effecitve planning, tailored to any fleet's operations. Calculate how much energy will be needed, where and when, to operate successfully. Make and advise decisions around vehicle procurement, battery packs, or charge infrastructure with comprehesive data and cost-saving insights.

Simply upload historical route data and receive kWh data for requirements in an easy-to-use dashboard. Compare across various commercial EVs to simulate and evaluate different scenarios to make the best decisions and take action.

Save huge on CapEx and OpEx

Lack of data leads fleets to over-spend millions on battery capacity and charge infrastructure. By simulating operations with Chargetrip's EV Fleet Simulation, you get the data you need to invest smart and save throughout the electrification journey.

Optimize TCO

While electric fleet costs are already lower than ICE, Chargetrip gives you a further advantage by considering predicted energy prices. This helps you charge at convenient locations and times.

Electrify any TMS or FMS

The Chargetrip API predicts energy consumption of any route with any EV in any context. Integrate the Chargetrip API into any TMS or FMS software stack to manage any fleet's EV charging and routing with precision.

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