Chargetrip helps fleet operators make the switch to eMobility and efficiently electrify at scale. We do this by accurately calculating charge-demand for fleet-wide energy consumption.

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Maximize utilization and continuously lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Orchestrate fleet-wide routing and charging across depot, public and private stations.

Integrate with your software stack; telematics, charge point management, and load balancing.

Cost-effective fleet electrification

Current fleet solutions often focus more on the charge-supply (access to charging infrastructure and battery capacity) side of the ecosystem rather than on charge-demand (amount of energy you’ll need to run your fleet operation all day and all year). However, to operate any fleet at scale you need to accurately match your charge-demand with your charge-supply.

Chargetrip can calculate the charge-demand (required energy consumption) for any EV make or model, on any route across the globe including optimal charge stops along the way. This allows you to accurately set the target SOC (state of charge) of your vehicles, and guarantees you are orchestrating your charging to make the most of your charge-supply infrastructure.

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A cost-saving opportunity

With orchestrated charging, fleets can save up to 40% of their electric refuelling costs* Chargetrip uses built-in predictive models to significantly lower fuel and operational costs. By utilizing range predictions and EV-specific routing to navigate the immense number of variables that impact an EV battery, fleet operators can take advantage of the massive cost-saving opportunities EVs provide.

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Optimize TCOs

While electric fleet costs are already lower than ICE, Chargetrip gives you a further advantage by considering predicted energy prices. This helps you charge at convenient locations and times.

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Untangle operational complexity

Managing an electric fleet adds complexity but shouldn’t be more difficult than managing an ICE vehicle fleet. The Chargetrip API is fully integrable with other fleet management tools to simplify your day-to-day operations.

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