For decades to come, fleet operators will need smart tools to optimize the use of electric fleets, be it owned, leased, rented, shared or self-driving. Intelligent routing can dramatically simplify these operations and make your fleet's journeys predictable.

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Optimize TCOs

While electric fleet costs are already lower than ICE, Chargetrip gives you a further advantage by considering predicted energy prices. This helps you charge at convenient locations and times.

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Untangle operational complexity

Managing an electric fleet adds complexity but shouldn’t be more difficult than managing an ICE vehicle fleet. The Chargetrip API is fully integrable with other fleet management tools to simplify your day-to-day operations.

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A solid but flexible technology

The Chargetrip routing engine can be adapted around your business needs. We consider your charge infrastructure, each vehicle’s state of charge, and also include drop-off and loading points. All this and more.

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Smart routing engine with integrated EV and charge station database.

Our proprietary high-precision algorithm is constantly refined.

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