Supercharging our powerful EV routing API

Wouter van de Kamp Apr 13, 2021 · 2 min read

Supercharging our powerful EV routing API.

We know building applications is hard: managing infrastructures, building UIs, setting up monitoring and resolving bugs. So we think integrating a third-party API should be as easy as possible. This philosophy guided the creation of our new dashboard and developer portal

Dashing onto your screen.

Our new dashboard will replace the way you start with the Chargetrip API. No more initial sales call*. Just a simple sign-up process and project configuration before you obtain your free API key.

Integration should be painless. But if computer says no, you can get some help here. Otherwise, use analytics to keep track of your car, routing, station and tile requests. But staring at graphs is like watching paint dry. You have better things to do, and so do we. That’s why we collect a nice statistics overview for you at the end of every month. Keeps the number crunching employee at your office happy.

Last but not least, if you plan on multiple integrations, we want to make your life easier. Often, a project across different platforms (e.g. web, iOS and android) will want to use the same project configuration. Well, now you can; with the introduction of applications. Navigate to your project, add more applications and use the relevant application id when making a request. We’ll take care of splitting the analytics for you.

Opening up the portal to our developer dimension.

Knowing how to use the Chargetrip API shouldn’t require you to read several whitepapers or calling us multiple times. That’s why we introduced setup guides, fresh examples and a tidy API reference that’s aligned with the schema on our new developer portal.

Whether you’re an expert at GraphQL or a novice at EV routing, we have the perfect starting point for you. To get you there, we built a new menu structure taking this into account.

While browsing you might notice that we’ve made some things more accessible. We now provide you with headers, request parameters, errors, and a sample code that’s easy to copy and use. But that’s not all. We also made our portal open source and created the opportunity to review every article. So feel free to open a pull-request or leave feedback if there’s something we can do better.

Oh, and one more thing! The portal is code to-go. So as soon as COVID-19 blows over, and you’re on the move again, you can take the Chargetrip developer portal with you as a responsive website.

Hello darkness, my new friend.

Daylight hours aren’t the same everywhere. That’s why we integrated a dark and light mode on both of these products. It’s up to you, just flick the button in the bottom right corner. We already know what Simon and Garfunkel would pick.

  • Our sales department will miss you. So feel free to ring them whenever you need them.