Partnering with Bonnet to make driving and charging a breeze

Rosalind Anketell Sep 23, 2022 · 2 min read

Chargetrip is partnering with Bonnet! By powering their Premium Route Planner we’re helping Bonnet users across the UK get from A - B smoothly.

Bonnet is a fast growing company out of the UK. Founded in 2020, Bonnet is a user-friendly platform that aggregates EV charge points across numerous charging networks, allowing EV drivers to use and identify available charging points through one simple app.

Bonnet has just launched Bonnet Premium which offers route planning, direct vehicle integration, smart scheduling and more. Our partnership with Bonnet will allow their users to travel to charging stations anxiety free, all within the Bonnet app!

“Chargetrip has been fundamental in the (Beta) launch of our latest product, Bonnet Premium. Integrating their software into our app means that our users can now plan their EV journeys in just a few taps. Chargetrip was a no-brainer due to their amazingly fast algorithm that integrates with our dataset, incredibly easy API and great support throughout the integration. It's a pleasure to be working with them!” - Eliot Makabu, Bonnet CTO

Anxiety free EV Routing

Chargetrip is the world’s leading range prediction and EV routing platform. Chargetrip’s routing engine accurately predicts the energy consumption and charging times for any EV make or model, on any route, across the globe. We guarantee EV drivers that they’ll have enough charge to make it to their destination.

“With this partnership Bonnet and Chargetrip are helping drivers find their next charge stop with ease. Combating range and charge anxiety. Additionally being integrated with Bonnet, Chargetrip is making an important step towards having more fleet customers on its technology.” - Gideon van Dijk, Chargetrip CEO

Simple and reliable public EV charging

Bonnet is making charging electric vehicles easier than ever. Currently, Bonnet covers over 20,000 charging locations and 50,000 charging points.

The Bonnet app offers various benefits including:

  • Its simple pricing structure, guaranteeing competitive charging rates to EV drivers through a dynamic monthly refill plan.

  • Increased reliability with up-to-date real-time data, the app is constantly refreshed to ensure drivers are always able to charge immediately on charge point arrival.

  • The excellent user experience is further enhanced by the app’s inbuilt customer service tool, providing instant support to any EV driver experiencing charging issues at any selected charge point across the UK.