Chargetrip Welcomes Solidstudio as Integration Partner

Chargetrip Feb 29, 2024 · 3 min read

Chargetrip is partnering with e-mobility software development firm Solidstudio to offer EV routing in applications for e-mobility companies. By integrating the Chargetrip API, Solidstudio will empower its clients with EV routing features through its white-label eMSP application and custom development services.

The partnership will allow Solidstudio to further enhance its products by integrating the Chargetrip API. This addresses a key need of Solidstudio’s customers and their end users while also streamlining Chargetrip's delivery of its API to a wider customer base.

With the number of personal and commercial electric vehicles on the road growing rapidly, so too is the demand for software to orchestrate their movement. Doing this in an efficient and user-friendly way is critical to enabling electrification. This requires companies throughout the EV value chain to predict range and route electric vehicles for drivers and fleets.

Solidstudio’s eMSP app with EV route planning

Why did Solidstudio become a Chargetrip Integration Partner? To deliver more value to their customers and their end users.

For eMobility Service Providers:

Increased Customer Satisfaction: By providing efficient route planning, operators can enhance user experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights: The use of advanced route planning in apps generates valuable data on user behavior and preferences, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Operational Efficiency: Route planning optimizes the usage of charging stations, reducing congestion and balancing load across the network.

Brand Differentiation: Offering cutting-edge route planning can distinguish a service in a competitive market, attracting more users.

For EV drivers:

Reduced Range Anxiety: Knowing the location and availability of charging points along a route alleviates concerns about running out of power.

Longer, More Reliable Journeys: Drivers can undertake longer trips with the confidence that they can recharge when necessary.

Time Savings: Efficient route planning helps in avoiding congested charging stations and reducing overall travel time.

Cost-Effective Travel: By optimizing routes, drivers can potentially reduce energy consumption and save on charging costs.

About Solidstudio:

Solidstudio was established in 2017 by two skilful IT specialists with a 10-year background in large corporations and since then it remained fully owned by the Founders. Today, Solidstudio employs 45+ people, of which most are directly involved in the development of eMobility products. Solidstudio has many clients from all over the world, including smaller startups and some of the biggest industry players like Hubject and Volvo.

Read their announcement here.

About Chargetrip:

Chargetrip’s EV routing and range prediction API powers applications for leaders in EV charging, vehicle rentals, automotive, and more. Its API offers the building blocks of e-mobility through a single source, including its core tech of EV routing and range prediction, as well as access to station data, vehicle data, and much more. Serving dozens of enterprise customers, Chargetrip powers EV routing across Europe and North America.

About the Chargetrip Integration Partner Program:

The Chargetrip Integration Partner program lets software companies, development agencies, consultants, and other B2B companies integrate and resell the Chargetrip API through their products and services. The program has been introduced to expand access to the Chargetrip API and make it easier for companies to build e-mobility applications.

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