Chargetrip powers Plugsurfing’s Route Planner feature

Chargetrip Dec 13, 2023 · 2 min read

Plugsurfing Route Planner

Plugsurfing’s latest feature, Route Planner, brings drivers one of the most advanced, contextual-based tools for finding chargers along any route with any desired waypoint. Drivers can input their final destination and see where they can stop to charge their car at one of Plugsurfing’s 600,000 charge points across 27 European countries.

With Route Planner, drivers select their EV model within the Plugsurfing app and are presented with charging options along their route given their car’s range as well as battery state of charge and condition. But it doesn’t end there.

“It’s exciting to work with a company like Plugsurfing who has always put user experience first,” said Cecile Post, Business Development & Partnerships Manager at Chargetrip. “This strong partnership enables the level of ease needed for a seamless EV charging experience and brings it to the huge amount of EV drivers using Plugsurfing.”

Route Planner is powered by the Chargetrip API, the world’s leading range prediction and EV routing engine. By integrating the API into Plugsurfing’s tech stack, they were able to launch EV route planning for their customers tailored to each driver’s vehicle and context.

“The range of an EV and charging opportunities are all based on context,” says Xenia Antipova, Head of Product at Plugsurfing. “That’s why we chose Chargetrip to power our Route Planner, so our drivers could have the best routing experience on the market.”

With a fast-growing number of leading eMSPs and CPOs using the Chargetrip API, Chargetrip is becoming a go-to tool for e-mobility software. With its powerful EV routing engine and supporting building blocks like vehicle data and station data, development teams can build powerful EV driver tools quickly and easily.

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About Plugsurfing

Over 1.5 million EV drivers trust Plugsurfing solutions to power their public charging experience. Leading carmakers, charge point operators, and mobility providers choose Plugsurfing for its premium emobility service available at over 600,000 charge points across Europe. Plugsurfing’s modular offering makes it possible to tailor-make the customer experience with options including a white label solution, APIs for integration, 24/7 customer support, and special pricing.

About Chargetrip

Chargetrip’s e-mobility intelligence API powers EV applications for leaders in EV charging, vehicle rentals, automotive, and more. Its API offers the building blocks of e-mobility software all through a single source. These include its core tech of EV routing and range prediction, and access to station data, vehicle data, visualization tools, and more. About 15% of Europe’s EV drivers are routed using Chargetrip’s technology.