Powerful Routing API for Electric cars

Build next-generation electric mobility tools with our API. Make electric driving and charging effortless for individual drivers and fleets.

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A platform engineered for growth

Rapidly build production-ready routing applications using our intuitive GraphQL API. Using our holistic approach to EV routing means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus on core customer and product experiences.

Benefit from Chargetrip’s robust and flexible technology stack build from the ground up to deal with mass EV adoption on a global scale. Continuous R&D and focus on performance ensures you’ll always have the most cutting edge EV-specific tool-set at your fingertips.

  • EV Routing Engine

  • Take into account 15 Impact variables

  • Electric Vehicle profiles

  • Powerful Metrics

  • Station enrichment

  • Context based routing

  • Continuous development...

// Fetch single station
  "data": {
    "station": {
      "review": {
        "rating": 4.9,
        "count": 342
      "id": "5cee942ed096b40012cacb69",
      "externalId": "suzPY15Xvpc/PMxjrp0j8A==",
      "name": "IONITY Bellinzona Nord",
      "location": {
        "type": "Point",
        "coordinates": [9.0266, 46.2095]

Best-in-class EV routing engine

We have designed our routing engine with high volume connected mobility in mind. We use revolutionary in-house developed graph database technology in combination with a proprietary EV specific planning algorithm optimized for multiple dynamic variables.

Using powerfull pre-calculation matrixes our routing engine provides, incredibly fast, accurate and easily adaptable and extandable routing results for private drivers and fleets.

  • Calculations under 700ms*

  • Proven Range Accuracy

  • Optimised for embedded systems

  • Intuitive Weighing System

  • Easily extendable...

15+ dynamic variables

The Chargetrip API uses over 15 dynamic variables to calculate the range of a vehicle at any given time. Like, station availability, the weather, temperature, traffic etc.

When variables change, the route is updated automatically using the GraphQL subscription method. This allows for flexible and highly efficient dynamic re-routing and route optimization.

Live dynamic route alternatives make the Chargetrip API more powerful and faster than anything else on the market today.

  • Real time re-routing

  • Dynamic Range Variables

  • Weather, Elevation, Traffic

  • Context Based Routing

  • GraphQL Subscriptions

Help your users find the perfect station

Give your users station the right data to help them find their next charge. Extend default station data with reviews, dynamic pricing, historical availability and amenities. So you can advice them to charge at the cheapest available station with a playground or supermarket.

  • OCPI compliant

  • Amenities

  • Pricing

  • Historical Availability

  • User Reviews

Support all Car Models

One of the most vital ingredients for EV specific navigation are accurate consumption models for EV's under different circumstances. We’ve developed an EV consumption model database of all EVs on the road using sophisticated car models in combination with real-world validation. This database is constantly updated and improved with input from our users around the world.

  • Over 90 active models

  • Always up to date

  • Tested consumption models

  • OEM Specs and images

  • New models added weekly...

Respecting CPO protocols

Chargetrip uses Charge Point Operator designed protocols to ensure easy data mapping and scalability.

Gain powerful insights

Use the Chargetrip dashboard to gain powerfull insights about vehicle and station use. Optimize your network, fleet or driver aplication.

Powered by GraphQL

The Chargetrip API is a GraphQL API build from the ground up with flexibility and scalability in mind. The GraphQL query language gives developers total data control and opens up new possibilities for innovative connected car applications the deal with complex data structures.

Use the power of query combinations, mutations and subcriptions to rapidly build complex applications for embedded systems, the web and mobile. Head over to our documentation.

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