Accelerating the world to sustainable energy

Annual CO2 emissions have doubled over the past 50 years to over 35 gigatons per year. The path that the world currently is on is unsustainable and unwise. The world cannot reduce CO2 emissions without addressing energy generation and consumption.

Our mission

Chargetrip is accelerating the advent of sustainable transportation by developing the missing tools that help people and businesses switch to electric mobility. Build by developers but governed by nature.


  • Founded in 2017

  • Over €2M in funding

  • 150,000+ active users

  • Live in 15+ countries

  • Based in Amsterdam

Our Leadership

Chargetrip was founded by experienced entrepreneurs from Norway, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Building on a long history of developing and commercialising navigation technology they set out to create a next generation routing engine for Electric Mobility. Looking to join our team of global talent? Check out our careers page!

Gideon van Dijk


Nilofer Christensen, PHD


Pieter Waller


Mark Hulsbergen

Chairman of the Board

Christian Bryn

Board Member

Benoit Savattier

Board Member


Commited to the renewable energy transition. Our investors are focused on finding, funding and fostering high-potential start-ups that contribute to creating a low carbon future.

Accelerators and Awards

We are proud to be part of some amazing accelerator cohorts specialised in mobility and clean tech.

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