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Put your drivers front and center. Ready made EV driver apps for web, iOS and Android including our powerful EV Navigation engine, 90+ EV models and tried and trusted user experience paradigms. Capture the full potential of driving and charging.

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Driver. Out of the box navigation app for iOS and Android

Driver is our consumer EV navigation app that has out of the box trip planning for all EV models, for personal cars and entire fleets. Add real-time car data and predictive availability for a powerful EV specific fleet management solution.

Car features

  • Custom range setting

  • Car configuration data

Routing features

  • Real-time routing

  • Alternative routes

  • Context based routes

Station features

  • Station availability

  • Station reviews

  • Station Amenities


Discover. A web route planner that combats every bit of range anxiety.

Discover is our web route planner. Fully brandable and powered by our EV routing engine. Help drivers switch to Electric mobility by allowing them to test range and routing variables in an easy to use web-app. Perfect for car manufacturers and governments targeting potential EV drivers.

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220 models
Tested consumption models

Support the latest EV models

We maintain a large database of EV makes, models and versions each with their own consumption properties, such as drag-coefficient and rolling resistance in relation to speed, elevation, charging speed and many more. Additionally each car model includes car specifications and images that can be used in any front-end application. New vehicles are added as soon as the manufacturer's specifications are released.

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Main benefits

Combat range anxiety Use our white-label tools to combat range and charge anxiety. Empower people to make the switch to electric mobility with confidence.

Carefree investment You won't need internal development resources dedicated to EV routing. We build and optimize your white-label apps with the new features that become available. Proven products always evolving.

Extensive station database

Help EV drivers plan a cross-boarder trip via charge stations that have all the amenities they need. Whether it’s shopping, food or a playground, we’ve got extensive station data to make charging a pleasure.

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Station features

  • Amenities

  • W3W Integration

  • OCPI Complaint

  • Historical use

  • Reviews

  • Custom CPO business rules

Working with Chargetrip

Go live within eight weeks

A smooth process from initial contact to launch. Of course we will stick around to offer support.

Pre integrations and partnerships

Chargetrip comes pre-integrated with several station databases and telemetry layers.

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