Car rental and leasing

Our smooth routing magic directly tackles the driving and charging complexities of including EVs in your rental fleet, making electrification simple.

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Visualizing range

Make choosing an EV easy. Isolines are a great way of visualizing the range of a vehicle. This helps to relieve any range anxiety which might prevent your users from choosing an EV.

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Gain a competitive advantage

The Chargetrip API can be easily integrated into your existing fleet management stack.

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  • EV Positioning by using Chargetrip

  • EV Positioning by using only content

  • EV Positioning by using video

Simple route planning

Guarantee drivers have enough charge to reach their destination by using our online route planner or a tailored no code solution.

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Smart routing engine with integrated EV and charge station database.

Our proprietary high-precision algorithm is constantly refined.

Legacy-free GraphQL technology that is easy to integrate.

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