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As EV adoption rises, utility providers face exciting challenges and opportunities. Vector, New Zealand's number one electricity distributor, is leading the way in accelerating the adoption of Electric Mobility in a rapidly growing market.

Vector EV chargers

Vector provides standard and rapid EV chargers across New Zealand. In July 2018, Vector reported seeing a 190% increase in EV charging sessions in the previous 12 months and counted 66,000 charging sessions across its 18-strong rapid EV chargers network. This saved a total of 639,000 kilograms of CO2e emissions from entering the atmosphere.

With the release of Drive Electric, Vector, EEx, and Chargetrip are accelerating the advent of electric mobility across New Zealand, introducing predictive and intelligent EV routing across the islands.

Pieter Waller CCO at Chargetrip

A free app

We helped Vector to develop its free-to-end-user, EV charging app. The Drive Electric App allows drivers to find and get directions to EV chargers, see the type of charger (standard or rapid), and port types, so car compatibility is never an issue.

The free vector EV charging app.

No more queuing

Dynamic occupancy data that we surface in the app allows drivers in New Zealand to see the live status of rapid chargers - in use or out of order - before they arrive to charge their car. Our smart routing algorithms take availability into account when planning a route. Users can also add additional filters for their preferred port type and type of charger, making driving an EV cross-country easy and stress-free.

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