Partnering with Enode

Rosalind Anketell Apr 29, 2022 · 2 min read

Chargetrip is thrilled to be partnering with Enode. Together we’ll work to reduce the barriers to EV adoption.

Soon the days of manually inputting your state-of-charge will be over! One of the most requested features we’ve received to date is to enable connected cars, allowing drivers to link EV data directly to the Chargetrip routing engine. With Enode we’re working to make it happen.

Chargetrip’s routing engine accurately predicts the energy consumption and charging times for any EV make or model, guaranteeing EV drivers that they’ll have enough charge to make it to their destination. Our partnership with Enode will allow customers to connect their vehicle, and provide real-time EV data including; state-of-charge, charge rate, charge time remaining and more. This will provide us with more accurate consumption data, and further optimize EV routing and charging recommendations.

Sustainability Meets Innovation

At Chargetrip, our mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation by developing the missing tools that help people and businesses switch to electric mobility. Our partnership with Enode will aid us in doing just that;

Gideon van Dijk, Chargetrip CEO states;

“We are in a rush to transition the whole energy system to renewable. This will require a myriad of solutions and we believe that increased EV adoption is one crucial part of that. That is what we are working towards at Chargetrip and partnering with Enode will help us move even faster. Their EV API will make us able to improve the EV charging experience for end-users and thus increase the EV adoption across the world”

Enode and Green App Innovation

Enode is supporting the future of green energy apps by providing better coordination of energy supply and demand. Coordinated charging will allow drivers to adapt to the intermittent energy supply from wind and solar, and subsequent dynamic energy prices - the price of electricity is highly volatile, with possible fluctuations of plus and minus 1000% throughout a day. Sustainable, coordinated EV charging will both save drivers money and accelerate the uptake of EVs.

As Henrik, CEO of Enode says;

“EVs are a huge part of the electrification we need to see happen to reach the goals in the Paris Agreement. But the EV experience needs to be on par or better for adoption to take off. Chargetrip is tackling a key challenge in that space, by enabling easy EV route planning for all companies. We are proud to be working with them on this mission”

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