How Chargetrip makes integration easy

Imre van Teylingen Dec 6, 2022 · 3 min read

The Chargetrip API is incredibly easy to integrate. We always have a number of students using our API for university projects, and their feedback shows that integration with the API is perfect for a diverse range of projects.

Thaís Costa is one of the students who has used the Chargetrip API. We spoke to her to learn more about her student project and why she chose to work with Chargetrip’s API. With a tight deadline (only a week), Thaís created an EV routing application heavily focused on amenities at charging stations. It has a super user-friendly experience, and includes a ‘panic button’ that will direct you to the closest station in a charging emergency! Very handy for when you’ve taken a few wrong turns and need to charge as soon as possible.

"Choosing Chargetrip's API was a turning point for my one-week project. The comprehensive documentation and real-time information provided by Chargetrip made it easy for me to seamlessly integrate the API and take my project to a whole new level. The support team at Chargetrip was also outstanding and helped me overcome any challenges that I faced during the development process.”
Thaís Costa, when asked why she chose to integrate with Chargetrip

Screenshots of Thaís Costa’s project.

So let’s talk about documentation. Documentation is a vital part of getting to know and using an API. Great documentation can expedite a project and help it reach its fullest potential. If an API has a cool feature, but the documentation isn’t up to par, does the feature really exist? That’s why our documentation is extensive, without being overwhelming. We included a getting started guide, as well as detailed pages documenting all of our queries and their arguments.

A page of our vehicle documentation

We have also created handy examples. For visual thinkers, an example can easily show you what our data could look like on the front end. For code lovers, examples can be used to easily run and adapt code right within the examples page (or even copy it into your own code).

A page of our visual examples

Our dashboard is another big factor. Our dashboard is a great project management feature that makes setting up your project easy and tracking your usage accessible. When you’re getting started you can easily create your project, access your API keys, as well as manage your different application IDs and the security for each. Once you are up and running, our statistics and reports are a great tool to gain insight into your usage. Use them to check your growth or how an improvement in your application has impacted usage.

Getting a bug in your code is inevitable, but staring at them until they fix themselves isn’t necessary with the Chargetrip support team. We know not everybody likes reaching out in the same ways so we have multiple ways to quickly get in touch! In our Help Center you can check out the Chargetrip FAQ, plan a call or use the live chat to discuss your questions. The live chat (with no robot replies, humans only) is something we see a lot of students use, and getting an instant answer can really help speed up your development.

Our help center

Our intuitive documentation, excellent examples, dashboard for all your project management needs, and our quick support all adds up to easy and fast integration of the Chargetrip API. It’s also the reason students love to work with our API. Why not give it a try?