Deloitte uses Chargetrip for 2024 Point of View on fleet electrification

Chargetrip Apr 18, 2024 · 2 min read

Deloitte’s 2024 Point of View on fleet electrification is out. Created with Chargetrip EV Fleet Simulation, Deloitte has laid out its perspective for transitioning to zero-emissions last mile delivery. By simulating various electrification scenarios through Chargetrip, Deloitte has discovered key insights for its clients and for last mile delivery fleets broadly.

As consultants and advisors like Deloitte build out electrification strategies for fleets, it’s important that they can get the right business intelligence. By using Chargetrip, Deloitte could get the data needed to properly evaluate emissions and cost impacts of decisions. They can simulate future scenarios to help clients avoid mistakes and save on costs and get detailed Co2e emissions.

What they did

Using real-world telemetry data, Deloitte built strategies to answer the key questions that come with electrifying last-mile delivery fleets. Questions like:

  • How do I optimize my OpEx and CapEx?

  • How do I know which vehicles to buy for my fleet?

  • What battery size do I need?

  • How will charging impact my scheduling?

The highlighted case in the Point of View shows Deloitte’s work with a Scottish last-mile delivery fleet. Through Chargetrip, they simulated four different scenarios and evaluated the impacts of each on CapEx, OpEx, and CO2e per parcel. This let them paint a clear picture of the implications of different decisions for the fleet to make decisions easy and cost-effective.

Their findings

Some key results from Deloitte’s use case from the POV:

  • 72% of routes could be electrified without on-route charging with adjustments to operations.

  • 55% of routes could be electrified immediately without on-route charging and without any adjustments to operations.

  • 13% potential cost per parcel reduction.

  • Dramatic reduction in OpEx in all scenarios.

  • 35% potential reduction in CO2e.

How Chargetrip helped Deloitte

“Our fleet clients want to scale electrification, but struggle to understand a cost and emissions effective path. Chargetrip EV Fleet Simulation perfectly shows the possibilities and the best choices for the client. We see that large fleet owners still have big fears around electrification like managing long distances and EV effectiveness in the winter. Chargetrip helps us alleviate those fears with data and give clients confidence to make decisions.”

Floris Hebben, Senior Consultant, Supply Chain Strategy, Deloitte

How does Chargetrip Fleet Simulation work?

By uploading route data from your existing petrol or diesel fleet, you can simulate those routes as if they were driven by an EV. With hundreds of commercial electric vehicles available, you can simulate with any model to make the best purchasing decisions. Decisions like what battery capacity you need, how many depot chargers you need, what routes to electrify first, etc.

The result is extensive aggregate and granular data for the required energy, charging time, emissions impacts, and more. This data makes for easier decision making for fleets and shows them what to expect from electrification.

Read the full Point of View here:

How to scale the transition towards zero emission fleets

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