Chargetrip and Repsol bring EV route planning to the Waylet App

Noah Tompkins Apr 18, 2023 · 2 min read

Waylet, the payment app for the Repsol charging network, now has an EV route planner! With over 6,000,000 users already, Waylet is bringing this new service directly through the Waylet app to help its drivers confidently switch to electric mobility.

EV route planning in Waylet

Waylet users will now be able to get the optimal route for any trip they want to drive with their electric vehicle. Waylet users will be able to map their trips using data for their specific vehicle and state-of-charge. This means that their trip plans will always be personalized and accurate. Users simply choose the vehicle they use then indicate their current state of charge and desired state of charge at their destination.

The Waylet planificador rutas (route planner) is powered through the Chargetrip API. By integrating the Chargetrip API, Repsol was able to build a leading experience for its users. It was able to access the route planning algorithm, 600+ electric vehicle database, and all of the data it needed to go to market quickly with a world-class product.

Learn more about the Waylet planificador-rutas (route planner) here.

Why is Repsol offering an EV route planner?

Repsol aims to lead the way on Spain’s transition to electric mobility through providing widespread access to charging services and creating the best experience for its EV customers. This will dramatically increase the utilization of Repsol’s charging stations by making it easy for drivers to find and access them.

Through its new EV route planner, Repsol is making EV driving and charging seamless for Spanish EV owners and making it easy for new EV buyers to make the switch. With its intelligent and personalized route planning, Waylet now lets drivers explore all of Spain in an EV with confidence.

How does the Waylet route planner work?

Users start by configuring their vehicle by choosing the model they drive and their current state of charge. This ensures that their route plans are tailored to their vehicle’s actual range and current battery.

Next, users enter their starting point and destination.

Finally, they receive a tailored route plan. The plan shows:

  • The driving route and estimated time, with charge stops along the way

  • How long to charge at each stop

  • State-of-charge at each stop

  • Information on each charging station

How does the Chargetrip API work?

Electric mobility leaders like Repsol can leverage the Chargetrip API for their EV navigation and routing applications.

The API provides the algorithm for EV routing behind about 15% of European EV drivers. This handles the most advanced calculations needed for your application including model-specific energy consumption for over 600 different EVs, live impacts on battery like weather and road surface, and traffic. All the data and calculations you need through a single API.

Learn more about Chargetrip’s API here